photo by Clarice Huddle

NoVA Yoga offers participants the opportunity to give back to the community…bring 1 non perishable item (or more!!) for the United Community Ministries Food Pantry.

Please see for the list of needed items.  Thank you!!!

Child & Me Yoga
Children learn from their parents and modeling that exercise is fun goes helps to instill a love of movement in children at a young age.  Each class will be an adventure during which we’ll use yoga poses, sounds, and songs to imitate the animals and things we see and do on our trip.  Yoga is a fun way to help children live a healthy lifestyle while teaching them the foundational skills to relax, enjoy, and focus on tasks at hand.  This class is appropriate for children 6 weeks to 10 years old.

Stay after class for community time…take this opportunity to allow the children to play with one another and the toys in the nursery while the adults have a chance to socialize.

Classes are held in the nursery at Calvary Presbyterian Church located at 6120 N. Kings Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22303.  The space is warm and inviting with lots of natural light.  The room is child proof and appropriate for children of all ages to explore. Parking is limited at the church but free parking is available on School Street.  Feel free to roll your stroller in to the building and park it outside of the nursery.

NoVA Yoga also typically offers:

Gentle Yoga

Rise & Shine Yoga

Yoga Fundamentals

Classes will resume in January 2014. Check back in December for registration & further details!  Private sessions, for children and adults, are available…call us at 571.357.2218 to schedule your session today.

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