1. When should I practice yoga? Anytime that works for you is the right time.  You do not have to have hours carved out of your day to have an effective, invigorating practice.  Techniques such as long, deep breathing can change one’s perspective, calming the body and mind, in just a few minutes.
  2. What should I wear to practice yoga? Loose, comfortable clothing is great as it allows you to move more freely.  Clothing made of natural fibers such as cotton are preferable as they allow the body to breathe best.
  3. I’m not flexible, how can I practice yoga? Each person, regardless of flexibility can practice yoga.  You may be surprised to find that a pose which looks challenging will be easy for you and vice versa.  The key to yoga is to allow yourself to be where you are in the pose. This is where you will receive the benefit of the posture.  Pushing yourself to achieve the “perfect” pose can cause injury and is not recommended.
  4. What are the benefits of practicing yoga? Yoga can build self-awareness which can assist one gracefully handle stressful situations, gain flexibility, and adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle.
  5. Should I eat before yoga? You may feel most comfortable practicing on an empty stomach.  If you must eat prior to class, please eat a light snack such as a piece of fruit.
  6. What should I bring to practice yoga? Please bring a mat or beach towel.  Most importantly bring an open mind.  This can assist you in letting go of inhibitions which will allow your yoga experience to be relaxing and stress free.
  7. What is a Child & Me class like?  Each class is an adventure as we travel to the beach or the jungle (just to name a few exotic places) and take poses to imitate the animals or things we see or hear along the way.  We use songs and sounds to add excitement to our trip.
  8. What if my child won’t practice yoga during a Child & Me class?  Child & Me yoga helps to stimulate children’s interest in exercise which is especially important as childhood obesity is on the rise.  All children learn by modeling their parent’s behavior so we set the stage in this class to show our little ones that exercise is fun.  Some of our smaller participants enjoy exploring the room during class.  This is perfectly normal. It is important that each child have the freedom to experience the yoga in his own way in this warm and inviting space.  Children may not stay on their mat and practice the poses for the duration of the class but will often experiment with the poses and songs once they are home in their comfortable space.
  9. I’d like to get exercise during class, will this happen in a Child & Me class?  Absolutely!  Adults as well as children benefit from a cardio workout as we travel on our adventure with gentle yoga poses sprinkled through out the class offering opportunities to stretch and relax.
  10. Should I bring a mat or towel for my child?  While it’s not a requirement to bring a mat for your child , if they are walking they may enjoy having their own mat or towel.  Although children enjoy visiting with each other during the class, they also appreciate having their own space or “home base” to return to throughout the class.
  11. If there is inclement weather will there be class?  NoVA Yoga follows Fairfax County for closings.  If schools and recreation centers are closed, we will not hold classes.  Make-up dates will be arranged with the class.