Pose of the Week

Cat/Cow—keeps the spine flexible
Preparing to travel this summer?  Working out or working in the garden?  Just need to stretch your back after sitting at a desk?  Try Cat/Cow.  If you’re traveling, do cat/cow before and after your trip to keep your lower back relaxed.

Begin on all fours with hands under shoulders, knees under hips

As you inhale, release your belly to the floor; your tailbone, head and chest will rise towards the ceiling

As you exhale, pull your belly to your spine, spine to the ceiling, your tailbone, head and chest will release to the floor

Repeat 10 times

Practicing with Your Infant:  Place the child under you so you are facing one another.  Moo as you inhale in to cow and Meow as you exhale in to cat.

Expecting:  Perform only Cat pose holding the pose for 10 breaths.   Release into the starting position. Repeat 3 times.

updated 4 June 2013